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Products Liability

If this were a real site we’d mention something important about Products Liability.

Securities Regulation

Perhaps you have experience in securities and would specify it here.

Patent & Trademark Law

Patent all the things!

You can choose to do simple icons to represent each area, find royalty-free images like these, or take your own.

Real Estate

Real Estate Litigation

This firm does so many things, why not also Real Estate Litigation?

Piggy Bank

Tax Disputes

Is Uncle Sam after you?

You probably want a more professional image than this. Anything is possible.


Insurance Recovery

Of course we don’t want to forget the insurance industry.

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We ask that you provide the text content for your Bio and Services. You also provide us images to place on the site.

We then build the layout similar to what you see here, provide for the contact forms back to your email address and provide hosting options within your budget.

We can also perform some basic SEO content. Read more about our SEO preferences here.

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“I’ve gotten quotes for other websites, but I just cannot afford that. Gold Piece Consulting built me a basic website that was within my budget. It may not have the frills, but it looks professional.”

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